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The Pinkerton Private Wealth Legacy

In 1861, Allan Pinkerton personally foiled an assassination plot while guarding Abraham Lincoln, a reflection of his reliability and commitment to those he served.

By staying true to the ideals of his motto, "We Never Sleep", Allan Pinkerton create a distinguished security organization that evolved into the precursor to the respected US Secret Service.

Over time, the Pinkerton name became notorious worldwide as the ultimate symbol of security, resolve, and long-lasting loyalty. It is this reputation that led Wells Fargo to contract Mr. Pinkerton to protect one of the finest engineering triumphs of the nineteenth century: the trans-American Wells Fargo Concord Stagecoaches.

Today, we use the Pinkerton name to convey our deep belief in those same values. They are reflected in our tailored solutions and the attentiveness our financial planning approach provides to each of our clients.

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