Understanding before Acting

To help ensure client receives the guidance and clarity they need, Pinkerton Wealth Management Group assigns two planners and a dedicated administrative professional to each new high-net worth client, each professional serving a limited number of relationships. This special attention creates redundancy to ensure all dimensions of a clients' concerns and desires are integrated completely into our customized solutions.

As planners, we help answer two questions. First, though our Envision® Plan and Investment Plan, we help you answer the question "Am I going to be okay?" The second vital question we answer is "Do I have "blind spots?" We cover "blind spots" through our Planning Semesters; our team has a total of 20 Planning Semesters that we discuss with our clients.

Our bedrock belief is that good advice should be grounded in the understanding that no one can predict the future and that investors should be prepared for multiple contingencies-both good and bad. We believe that being prepared means having discipline to hope for the best but plan for the worst. We strive to help families prepare a plan to meet the needs of this generation, and the next. The first step in any new relationship with a potential client is an "Are We a Fit?" conversation. During this discussion, we dialogue casually, briefly outlining our services and developing a clear picture of the need someone might have. After about an hour, we close the meeting, conversing again after a few days to ensure both parties want to continue to explore a long-term relationship. Our goal is to remove the pressure and tension of our first interaction.

If you would like to schedule an "Are We a Fit?" meeting with our planners, call 866.209.8557."

Appreciating the Entire Picture

Managing wealth today is more than investment planning. Wealth Management integrates various aspects of your wealth to provide an important 360 degree perspective for decisions.

Our Wealth Navigation Process integrates three distinct and individualized plans into a Wealth Management Plan: The Envision® Plan, the Investment, and "The Planning Semesters". Together, these plans allow us to set and monitor goals, to educate, to coordinate, and to help clients live a ful-filling life. Together, they help us answer the questions "Are we going to be ok?" and "Do we have any blind spots?"

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FINRA’s BrokerCheck Obtain more information about our firm and its financial professionals