Envision® Process

Recent financial turbulence has made investors everywhere wonder if their nest eggs would somehow weather the storm.  Our Envision® process can help answer these concerns.  With this process, clients create a customized profile, including an inventory of assets, liabilities, cash flow requirements, retirement income needs, asset allocation objectives and an accounting of their acceptable investment risk.

We then assemble all of those factors in a software program that automatically tracks portfolio value in real time--both on line and on account statements.

The sophisticated statistical modeling techniques in the Envision process can also generate a forecast of various financial scenarios based on possible levels of performance for asset portfolios over time. The end result is a tool that helps clients confirm they’re in the target zone helping them achieve their various life goals, without unduly sacrificing their current lifestyle or exposing themselves to levels of risk beyond their personal comfort zones.  The process works along two tracks: the world the client can control (how much they spend, how much investment risk they take on) and what they can’t (macro-economic and natural disasters).



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